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If they were asked what is the purpose of our doing we would say that "we are interested to ensure that our students know the mathematics, understand, appreciate it and are able to apply it in their daily and professional life" (D 'Amore and other "math skills" premise).
Those who know it is not said that he understands; a child may be able to "play" the multiplication tables without understanding the operation, the sense, the utility. Who then realizes it is not said who knows how to apply, even over the counter, in reality. It's not easy to foster appreciation for the material.
It 'clear that the work on the development of skills alone, does not serve the purpose.
That "sa perform four operations" or "knows the multiplication tables," for example, may not go beyond the simple "school" skills if not an expression of a just technical knowledge.
Taken as a goal of our doing skills development is what we need as "includes" patt 'another knowing, understanding and application and is a good base for appreciating.

It should however be kept in mind the distinction between:
mathematical competence
which focuses on discipline, it is an appropriation of knowledge in the field school, is a skill "scholastic"
and competence in math
It goes beyond learning the content and occurs when a person interprets reality mathematically

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