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high cognitive density paths

My commitment is this create simple tools and easily accessible to anyone who wants to pursue a highly efficient education for every child in every classroom and in every situation even in "emergency" educational.  And in many years of work and continuous research I developed the "high density cognitive pathways."
It is cognitive pathways that allow a very "dense" in a short time significant and highly effective teaching learning of the various concepts and mathematical content from first to fifth grade class.
These routes "use" ideas and materials both physical and software and are designed to stimulate productive capacity of more than reproductive thinking.
They find optimal application in each class and with each child so for those with difficulty and for those who do not show up at all with a good chance for all of their potential development.
In particular however they may find useful application in all those cases where the unlawful presence or staggered produces a fragmented learning and the kid can barely get past the threshold of illiteracy and then in areas with a high risk of early school leaving with kids travel  hospitalized in multi-classes ... in the refugee camps

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