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my school

when I think about the school I think of a teacher with children,
no matter whether in a classroom full of furnishings, technology, games ... or in a place where there is only a blackboard and a few ruined desk: a teacher with his children are the School

and I think that all the classes of the world although very different from each other have many things in common: first, a class is the place of children's dreams.
If we enter into any classroom anywhere and we ask a child what she will be when are grow, he will says: “I’ll be a pilot, a doctor, a dancer ... a teacher”

the class, no matter where you are, is the place where a better future can be built through the dreams of children that there can be cultivated, supported, but can be broken also
the responsibility of each teacher to the dream of every child, especially for those who have less opportunities, in or around himself, is really great
a good teacher feels this strong
and if we ask him to make a wish hr will tell you, in different ways, in different words the same thing: to reach everyone with the best chance, with the Best School

So there: I imagine the passion of this teacher but also his fatigue into having to do more with less in an increasingly large classes, which seem to burst many for the problems, not for the opportunities

I imagine the fatigue that make great many teachers, who believe in their work and who want to support the dream of each child, in a three point zero class or in a zero point zero class

I imagine their fatigue and I say that this effort must be backed up with effective practical tools to help you build an extraordinary learning environment where teaching and learning also prove fun

That 's what I imagine: that every educator, in any place or situation, with a normal device and whit a simple click can connect to a environment full of tools and ideas that can to recharge energy and passion, to give new reason to his commitment and to his desire to give the best school to everyone, not one less.

And this is my commitment because I feel, although in my place and in my class, to work in a school that goes beyond the walls of my classroom and my small school and that includes all classes, all teachers and all children of the world, not one less

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